Membership listing

Here is a list of current members who have elected to have their membership published as of January 21, 2023

If you wish to have your name listed please log-in to your account and change the appropriate settings. The change will be reflected on the next update of this page.

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Brad Ackerman (A) Lisa Hayes (A) Coleen Painter (A)
carol adams (A) Michael Haynes (A) Mark Painter (A)
Matthew Alschuler (A) Kate Heartfield (A) Michael Pantalleresco (A)
Carol "Darklighter" Alves (A) John Hertz (A) Tasia Papadatos (A)
James Alves (A) Nate Hoffelder (S) Nigel Parsons (A)
Lindsay Anderson (A) Rich Horton (A) Dascha Paylor (A)
Valoise Armstrong (A) Doug Houseman () Michael Paylor (A)
Richard Ault (A) Melinda Hutson (A) D Pedersen (A)
David Baer-Peckham (A) Albert Jackowiak (A) Lisa Peoples (A)
Marla Baer-Peckham (A) Philip Jansen (A) Lincoln Peters (A)
Margene S Bahm (A) Lisa Johnson (A) Sherry Peters (A)
Geraldine Balter (A) A. Tracy Jones (A) Sandra Pettinger (A)
David  Bamford (A) Angela Jones (A) Pierre Pettinger Jr (A)
Cliff Barnes (A) Lenore Jones (S) Susan Philbrook (A)
John Bartley (A) Kathleen Kemp (A) Stephen Pikov (A)
Richard Bartrop (A) Michele Kitay (A) Angela Pinney (A)
Covert Beach (A) Robert Knowlton (A) Alan Pollard (A)
Tom Becker (A) Melissa Kocias (A) Richard Pratcshler (A)
David Bellamy (A) Rick Kovalcik (A) Joseph Pregracke (A)
Judith Carol Bemis (A) Bradley Krentz (A) Betty Punkert (A)
Sherri Benoun (A) Nancy Kress (A) Martin Pyne (A)
Marie Bilodeau (A) David Kushner (A) Judy R Johnson (A)
C Black (A) Lucy Rebecca Kushner (A) Larry Retzlaff (A)
Robert Blair (A) Diane Lacey (A) James Reynolds (A)
Simba Blood (A) Watson Ladd (A) Kali Rhodes (A)
Kent Bloom (A) Dave Laderoute (A) Mark Richards (A)
Kathy Bond (A) Jackie Laderoute (A) Linda Robinett (A)
Robbie Bourget (A) Michèle Laframboise (A) Melissa Robinson (A)
Morva Bowman (A) Jennifer Landels (A) Rachel Robinson (A)
Richard Brandshaft (A) Richard  Langley  (A) Linda Ross-Mansfield (A)
Gerald Brandt (A) Barbara Larsen (A) Mark Roth (A)
Seth Breidbart (A) David Larsen (A) Deirdre Saoirse Moen (A)
Dana Bridges (A) Sharon Laubach (A) Robert J. Sawyer (A)
Greg Bridges (A) Joann Lawler (A) Mary Sayer (A)
Lyndie Bright (S) Alexis Layton (A) Eric Sayle (A)
Tom Brincefield (A) Becca Leathers (A) Margaret Sayle (A)
Phylis Brown (A) Graham Leathers (A) Karen Schaffer (A)
Wayne Brown (A) Jane Leavell (A) David Schlosser (A)
Margaret Bumby (A) Rick LeBlanc (A) James Schneider (A)
Diana Bynum (A) Kathryn Lehman (A) Karl Schroeder (A)
Richard Cameron (A) Paul Lehman (A) Bill Schuck (A)
Mary Cannings (A) David Levine (A) Howard Scrimgeour (A)
Cathy Carlson (A) Benjamin Levy (A) Marah Searle-Kovacevic (A)
Vivian Carlson (A) Andre Lieven (A) Ariel Shattan (A)
Kathleen Charters (A) Debra Lieven (A) Jannie Shea (S)
Eric Choi (A) Gerald Lohr (A) Melody Sheldon (A)
John Cholewa (A) Nancy Loomis (A) Joey Shoji (A)
Dave Clement (A) Do-Ming Lum (A) Amy Sisson (A)
Elizabeth Clement (A) Perrianne Lurie (A) Jack Skillingstead (A)
Gillian Clinton (A) Bradford  Lyau (A) John Sloan (A)
Barabara Cohan (A) Friend of Lyndie Bright 1 (A) Kenneth Smookler (A)
Lawrence Cohan (A) Friend of Lyndie Bright 2 (S) Heguiberto  Souza (A)
Cary Conder (A) Thomas MacLaney (A) Henry Spencer (A)
Byron Connell (A) Gloria Magid (S) Spike (A)
Christine Connell (A) Beth Marble (A) Jesper Stage (A)
Ann Cooney (A) Chris Marble (A) Kevin Standleet (A)
Gary Cosby (A) Katrina Marier (A) Craig Stanfill (A)
Catherine Crockett (A) Shawn Marier (A) Sharon Stanfill (A)
Gloria Cummings Bellamy  (A) Rachelle Martens (A) John Stanley (A)
John Day (A) Russell Martens (A) Kelly Strait (A)
Alex Demboski (A) Lee Martin (A) Dave Strang (A)
Linda Deneroff (A) Marnie Maskell (A) Sarena Straus (A)
Clark Denning (A) Winton Matthews (A) Erwin Strauss (A)
Vincent Docherty (A) Dale Mazzola (A) Kathryn Sullivan (A)
Jim Doty (A) Kay McCutcheon (A) William Sutton (A)
Karen Doty (A) John McDaid (A) Michael  Tallan  (A)
Cheri Douglass (A) Angelle McDougall (A) David Taylor (A)
Gordon Dundas (A) Kirk McDougall (A) Michael J. Taylor (A)
Tony E. Parker (A) Gary McGath (A) suzanna taylor (A)
Thomas Eivins (A) Christian McGuire (A) Grant Thiessen (A)
Glen Engel-Cox (A) Holly McHaffie (A) Mary Thompson (A)
Jill Engel-Cox (A) Althea McMurrian (A) Chris Tilley (A)
David Ennis (A) John McNabb (A) Danielle Tilley (A)
Elizabeth Erickson (A) Paul McPherson (A) Anil Tiwari (A)
Alan Fleming (A) Jeanne Mealy (A) Samuel J. Tomaino (A)
Stephen Fleming (A) Bonita misener (A) Geoffrey Toopz (A)
Terry Fong (A) Andrew Mishkin (A) Les Torchia-Wells (A)
Gordon Ford (A) Elizabeth Mitcham (A) Hayden Trenholm (A)
Susan Forest (A) Marilyn Mix (A) Den Valdron (A)
Dave Foster (A) Rick Moen (A) Larry Van Der Putte (A)
Sandra Foster (A) Ellen Montgomery (A) Tom Veal (A)
WAYNE FOWLER (A) Mary Ellen Moore (A) Leane Verhulst (A)
Warren Frey (A) Murray Moore (A) David Vickers (A)
Kevin Frost (A) Jamie Morgan (A) Lori Vickers (A)
David Gaeddert (S) Lyn Morgan (A) Pat Virzi (A)
Robert Galliher (A) Richard Morgan (A) Alexander von Thorn (A)
Mark Geary (S) Michelle Morrell (A) Diane Walton (A)
Chris Gerrib (A) Fred Moulton (A) Michael Ward (A)
Lester Gibo (A) Dennis Mullin (A) Liz Westbrook-Trenholm (A)
Thomas Giese (A) Derryl Murphy (A) Caroline Westra (A)
Michael Gillett (A) Janice Murphy (A) Clark Wierda (A)
Ron Gillies (A) James J Murray (A) Gayle Wiesner (A)
Harvey Gingras (A) Lex Nakashima (A) Paul Willett (A)
Craig Glassner (A) Bruce Newrock (A) Ronnie Willett (A)
Marsha Glassner (A) Flo Newrock (A) Susan L. Williams (A)
Glenn Hosea (A) Gerald Nordley (A) Chris Willrich (A)
Patrick Gomez (A) Anna O'Connell (S) Alisa Wood-Walters (A)
Edgar Governo (A) William O'Connor (A) Steven Wozniak (A)
Catherine Green (A) Norman O'Dell (A) Michael Wysocki (A)
David Guon (A) Israel Oppenheimer (A) Ben Yalow (A)
Peter Halasz (A) Sylvan Oppenheimer (A) Yoana Yotova (A)
Clayton Harris (A) Richard O'Shea (A) Anne Zanoni (S)
Hershey Harris (A)   Pauline Zvejnieks (A)

(A) Indicates a member with an attending membership (297 of 391 members listed)

(S) indicates a member with a supporting membership (10 of 172 listed)

(P) Indicates someone who was a presupporter (0 of 12 members listed)

308 (+107 since last listing) of 575 (+115) adult members are listed above.

You can find a breakdown at our analysis page.